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The Trophy-Mart Family The Trophy-Mart Family
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The Family Business

The Family Business

A little about us...

We are a 3rd generation business started right here in Golden Valley. In 1977 we moved to Golden Valley to open a roller skating rink at the Kingman Airport. Skating was my parents passion. They were involved in artistic roller skating and wanted to share the love of the sport with this community. When it was time to host their first amateur competition they needed to find trophies but could not find any locally. My grandfather who was already making signs and other gift items then created the necessary awards for us and thereafter for all the other skating competetitions throughout Arizona and Southern Nevada. From this beginning the Trophy-Mart was born. We continue to this day to provide awards for those events to this day more than 40+ years later.

In 1983 my parents closed the rink due to a declining interest in roller skating after the fall of disco and joined my grandparents to build Trophy-Mart into the full time family owned business it is today. My parents and grandparents worked side by side until my grandparents retired fully in 1998 when I joined to company and then in 2000 my husband joined the company full time. We worked together with my parents until they retired in 2010 but recently in 2018 my Mother decided that she would like to work part time and here we are together again.

I found working in a family business to be a rewarding experience that taught me a lot about customer service and quality control. We strive to meet the needs and expecations of our customers with quality products and customer service.

My husband and I are proud to continue a family tradition that I am truly blessed to be a part of.  We are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and community.

Sonja & Matthew White