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Modico Pocket Stamp
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Rubber Stamp for Regular Office or Home, Perfectly sized for in a briefcase, travel bag or even your pocket.

Please choose size based on number of lines desired. Fill in only the lines desired in the Text lines by number.
Example - Ordering a Mod3 - You would fill out only Text Lines 1-3 and leave the others blank.

You also have an option to attach a file with the desired text and layout.
Pdf files are the preferred file type. If you are choosing to use an unusual font or have a logo please use this option.
Max Text Area
MOD P3 9/16" x 1-15/16"
MOD P4 13/16" x 2-1/4"
Features Benefits
Razor Sharp detail Small Text, Fine Lines, Images, Photos. Logos, Grayscales, Signatures. Up to 600 dpi High Definition
Eco Friendly 100 % Emission Free, No dust, No Chemicals, No special waste.
Integrated Ink Pad Up to 20,000 impressions, Guaranteed against drying for 7 Years, Easy Refill no need to touch ink pad
Secure With indelible ink, Colors include Black, Blue,Red, Green and Violet are certified according to ISO standards 14145-2. For use for Notaries and Government offices.
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